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NEW PUZZLE: Ripple Effect


By Jessie

If you're a fan of brainteasers like Sudoku or Kakuro, then you'll love Ripple Effect - launching today on YouPlay. Can you unleash the chain reaction in this logic puzzle with a twist?

Every action has a consequence that could make or break you. Stay focused and each answer will snap into place, but lose your concentration and those gentle ripples will become waves of frustration!

A Ripple Effect grid is made up of different coloured 'Sets', each consisting of one or more cells. To solve the puzzle, the correct numbers must be placed in each of the cells according to the following rules:

  • Every Set must contain the number 1 and then up to the amount of individual cells. For example, if there are four cells in a Set, it must contain the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • If a row or column includes two identical numbers, at least that number of cells must separate them. For example, two 'number 3' cells in the same row and column must have three cells in between them containing other numbers.

Start off with an Easy puzzle to learn the ropes, then work your way through five difficulty levels. Take the Ripple Effect challenge and give your mind a workout today!


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NEW PUZZLE: Ripple Effect

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