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Lovatts Mags Now on ebay!


By Jessie

If you just can’t get enough of puzzles and games, check out the NEW Lovatts ebay Australia store for great deals on back issues!

Jam-packed full of fun, Lovatts magazines are the perfect way to get your fill of brainteasers when you’re away from the computer, on the bus or perhaps lazing by the pool. Lovatts have been producing magazines for 30 years and are the Australasian market leaders in puzzle publishing. When you purchase a Lovatts title, you are guaranteed a superior standard of quality that is synonymous with the brand.

Titles listed on the ebay Australia store include the ever popular Super Sudoku, overflowing with grids for every skill level. Give your mind a workout with these deceptively simple logic puzzles: solve one and you won’t want to stop as the Sudoku bug takes hold of your senses!

Memory Lane puzzle books are no longer in print, but the demand for back issues is enormous. Take a step back in time and reminisce about people, places and events dating back to the 1920’s. How well do you remember all the old songs, the glitz and glamour of those first Hollywood leading ladies, charismatic world leaders and momentous events that shaped the course of history?
In every issue of Memory Lane you’ll find a nostalgically entertaining selection of puzzles nestled between interesting facts and captivating reader’s stories.

Other titles are also available for purchase and magazines are delivered within 48 hours of payment. At this stage, shipping is limited to Australia-wide, but plans for an international store are underway.

Visit ebay Australia now to stock up on portable puzzles by following this link:

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Lovatts Mags Now on ebay!

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