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SCT V Highlights


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat Tournament V has turned out to be the biggest event yet!

From across the seas, players flocked to the Arena of Champions to test their skills and achieve glory! Well done to all participants, but with thousands of individual battles taking place over the last 24 hours, a few champions stand out for their exceptional efforts.

Highlights include a heroic effort by crow1118, who managed to win an outstanding 88 games, claiming 1st polace in Easy - now that's dedication for you! The reigning champion peterkapelis easily retained his 1st place position in Evil (hmmm, is there no one to match his masterly command of the Sudoku square?) 

A fight to the end ensued for 2nd and 3rd in Hard, with a tie between cliffsofinsanity and Kingmarvin the final result. A special mention also to Fagotto, who powered ahead with 53 wins to take out 1st in Medium, 17 wins ahead of his nearest rival.

Sudoku Combat Tournament VI begins Thursday 10th January. make it your New Year's resolution to start training early - enter the Arena now  for a few practice battles!


Complete List of Winners


1. crow 1118
2. ana
3. bOnn13


1. Fagotto
2. lethal
3. perthgirl


1. pernodoj
2. cliffsofinsanity (equal 2nd with) KingMarvin


1. peterkapelis
2. kalori
3. troublecat26


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

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SCT V Highlights

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