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Holiday Hunt begins!


By Jessie

It's time to go hunting for presents! Hidden around the website are some special holiday surprises. Search through our pages until you find one of the images below then click on it for bonus tokens. Don't forget to read the Holiday Hints forum topic for daily hints on the secret locations!

Christmas Holy= 5 bonus tokens
Snowman= 10 bonus tokens
Tree= 15 bonus tokens
Present= 20 bonus tokens
Gingerbread man= 25 bonus tokens


Start hunting NOW - visit our forums for token finding clues!

1 Response to

Holiday Hunt begins!

diana1 said:
December 08, 2010 at 12:07 AM

i am enjoying playing holiday hunt,finding 20 items,i am trying to work out the time a new item is put on site,i think 3pm east or 12 noon west, good fun.