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SCT III: Highlights


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat Tournament III attracted players from far and wide to compete for glory in the Arena of Champions!

Congratulations to all top 3 place winners, with leader board representatives hailing from Spain, New Zealand, Greece, the US and Australia.

Highlights include a stellar performance from lethal, who took out third place in Evil and then came from nowhere at the eleventh hour to snatch second place in Easy!

Peterkapalis once again claimed first place in Evil - a true Sudoku superstar! Will he retain his title in SCT IV? Find out from the 6th December, 2007, as the next event gets under way.

It's never too early to start training - enter the Arena now  for a few practice battles!

Complete List of Winners


1. Amidalal
2. lethal
3. pialsa


1. CheekyJellyBean
2. jonhay
3. cherub


1. jenong
2. anben
3. cliffsofinsanity


1. peterkapelis
2. kalori
3. lethal


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50




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SCT III: Highlights

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