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PlayWrite: You Decide What Happens Next...


By Jessie

If you haven’t yet discovered PlayWrite, you’re missing out on the most fun you can have with your imagination online!

PlayWrite is the YouPlay community creative writing project – where YOU decide what happens next. Pick up the story thread from where the last person left off and take the tale in a new direction. You don’t have to be a great writer to play – just harness your creative side and see where it leads!

PlayWrite Tips

  • Keep a connection running from previous threads, for instance, character names should stay the same.
  • Bringing back items from previous posts can be a fun and surprising way to maintain consistency.

Our story so far has seen Boris, the desperate fugitive brave a ferocious storm whilst on the run from a parking inspector, survive a trip down the river on a zombie bear carcass and journey to the house of his saviour, Norah. But where is Norah? And who is the beautiful, but deadly snake woman at the window?

Don’t keep us hanging in suspense! Visit PlayWrite in the Chit Chat forums and keep the story going…




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PlayWrite: You Decide What Happens Next...

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