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S. Combat Tournament II Winners


By Jessie

A big thank you to all YouPlay members who entered the 2nd Sudoku Combat Tournament, held last week. The turnout was spectacular, with over 1500 games completed during the 24 hour event!

Players came from all corners of the globe to do battle in the Sudoku Combat Arena. A truly international tournament, place winners included representatives from Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, the United States and Australia.

Congratulations to charmer, who claimed second place in both the Medium and Evil categories, as well as first place in Hard a real S.C champion! Special mention must also go to Zaku, who took out the Easy category after winning a huge 74 battles! 

Complete Winners List


  1. Zaku 
  2. pialsa 
  3. zglady


  1. perthgirl 
  2. charmer 
  3. cherub


  1. charmer 
  2. Terminator 
  3. kalori


  1. peterkapelis 
  2. charmer 
  3. ancrowley

Prizes (in each category)

First:  250 tokens
Second: 100 tokens
Third:  50 tokens



The next Sudoku Combat Tournament starts on the 22nd November. Need some practice? Enter the Arena now and sharpen your game play!





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S. Combat Tournament II Winners

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