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Sudoku Combat Tournament Highlights


By Jessie

On Friday 21st September, the first ever YouPlay Sudoku Combat tournament was held - and lots of you came along to help make it a great success! Thanks to everyone who participated - the battles were intense as members and guests competed against each other in the popular multiplayer challenge.

Stand out players included BreakFree, who claimed second place in both the Easy and Medium categories, and our very own Dean who took out first place in Evil. A mystery guest came third in Evil - a fantastic result but also a reminder that you must be registered and signed-in to your account for us to recognise you as a winner.

We are currently organising future Combat tournaments with added features, including great prizes and a longer duration. Keep reading the latest News to find out more details, or go straight to Sudoku Combat now and sharpen your game play for next time!

Complete Winners List


  1. CassHorder
  2. BreakFree
  3. KingMarvin


  1. Tootles
  2. BreakFree
  3. cathyx1010


  1. Cathrine
  2. pernodoj
  3. nizma


  1. Dean
  2. jwjr
  3. Guest (unregistered player)

Prizes (in each category)*

First:  100 tokens
Second: 50 tokens
Third:  25 tokens

*All token prizes will be automatically credited to accounts within 5 days




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Sudoku Combat Tournament Highlights

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