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Live Chat, Prize Draws and Support Tickets


By Jessie

Our second live chat session took place yesterday, and it was lots of fun! YouPlay members met in the General Chat Room to talk in real-time to each other and the YouPlay Team. If you wanted to come along but couldn’t make it yesterday, don’t worry! We’ll be scheduling regular times for future live chat sessions, so keep an eye on the latest News and your message inbox for more details.


Remember that you can also enter the chat rooms at any time. Why not arrange to meet up with a friend, or send a message to someone new inviting them to chat. If you visit the chat rooms on a whim and they’re all empty –hang around! Usually it only takes a couple of minutes for someone else to come along.


Last week we launched two exciting new cash prize draws – we’re now giving away $50 every single day. In addition, Premium Members can go into the draw to win the grand monthly prize of $1000! Remember that the more games you play each day, the more chances you have to win.
You can also win the draws more than once. Congratulations to Shazzzzzza65 for winning both the first – and the second – daily draw!


There’s only 11 days left to enter the $1000 monthly prize draw for September so if you’re not already a Premium Member, sign-up or upgrade to a subscription today for your chance to win.


There have been a few forum comments lately discussing a slow response time to Support Tickets. I must reiterate that we cannot personally answer all tickets. YouPlay is brought to you by a very small team (there are only 6 of us!) and if there is an obvious problem with the site (e.g., if it goes down), chances are we already know about it and are working fast to get everything back up and running! We won’t always reply personally to Support Tickets regarding problems that have since been fixed.
If, however, the issue is relative only to you or a small minority of users, please be patient, and we will reply as quickly as we can. (The last thing we want to do is deny our members access to the puzzles!)


Thanks to all YouPlay members for supporting the site. Most teething problems have now been sorted and we can all get down to playing our favourite puzzles! In the coming months we will be launching even more new features and games, but what I want to know is what you would like to see here on YouPlay. Post a comment and tell me your thoughts.


Happy playing!




3 Responses to

Live Chat, Prize Draws and Support Tickets

September 27, 2007 at 7:30 PM


Yeaah nice


September 29, 2007 at 8:28 AM


getting used to your site, wondering if you have any bingo games.


October 03, 2007 at 3:16 PM


it is pritty good