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Winter Wordsearch Fun


By Jessie

Winter's here YouPlayers, so take a break from the cold weather and play our special Wordsearch puzzles! Put the kettle on and settle down somewhere cosy to decipher the hidden messages in Winter's Chill and It's Cold Outside.

When I'm not playing puzzles, my favourite winter activities are taking long walks down deserted beaches, lazing in the bath for hours with a good book and drinking lots of hot chocolate! This year I'm also learning how to crochet - I might even have a scarf ready by the time spring rolls around!

Post a comment and tell me what keeps you warm when the temperature drops...

1 Response to

Winter Wordsearch Fun

muggins said:
June 07, 2007 at 7:44 AM

Well it might be cold outside with winter coming on where you are. For me it's sunny and hot here in Spain and the summer hasn't arrived yet. So keep your HOT puzzles coming!