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By Jessie

If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for a puzzle! When I'm not able to access my computer to visit YouPlay, I can usually be found solving crosswords on the bus to work or playing Sudoku in the bath. My most favourite non-computer games activity, however, would have to be trivia at the pub! That's right, there's nothing better than getting a group of mates together to whip the pants off all the other teams by answering that really obscure question that's got everyone stumped! At first, I thought I was just strange - but no! There's now office trivia nights, trivia for charity, music trivia TV shows - everywhere you look there's a group of people battling it out to answer the hard questions...

Here are some pub trivia tips by Canadian experts Cornerstone World Company:

1. Stay current. Many pub nights include a news category with each game, for example. And try to stay on top of pop culture. The movies and TV you watched in high school are old news now. And the music you listened to is older news still.

2. Speaking of pop culture, if there was anything to "study" it would be Oscar winners and sports champions, particularly Olympians. Nobel Peace Prizes, Grammys and Emmys were worth a look, too.

3. Be terse. If you're asked for the name of the first divorced president, you will get full points for "Reagan" and full points for "Ronald Reagan," but you may be marked wrong if you write "Richard Reagan."

4. Be specific. Some quizmasters are hard on answers that are technically incorrect. If you're asked for the ally that entered Berlin first during World War II, the answer is the Soviet Union, not Russia. Music questions fall into the same category. You can be marked wrong for the Miami Sound Machine if the answer refers specifically to Gloria Estafan.

5. Many quizmasters compensate for hard questions by offering subtle clues in the question. Listen for these.

These tips should get your team in front to win that free jug of beer and bistro vouchers!


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Trivia Tips

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