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Sudoku Combat (V.1.55) Released in Labs


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat (V.1.55) is now available to play in the YouPlay Testing Labs!

The latest features include:

  • Faster, smoother game play
  • Timer function
  • Redeveloped number shading
  • Practice numbers which automatically order themselves
  • 'Undo Grid' option (up to 100 times)
  • 'Clear Grid' function
  • Updated sticky keys (click twice to re-enter)

For those new to Combat, this exciting game takes the addictive number puzzle to a new level by combining it with a multiplayer platform, allowing you to play against others in real time. Visit the Testing Labs now to choose a level and challenge an opponent for Sudoku glory!


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Sudoku Combat (V.1.55) Released in Labs

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