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England 1066: King Harold fought a battle that shares its name with WHICH football ground?

Goodison Park
Old Trafford
Stamford Bridge

YouPlay Welcome


By Jessie

Welcome to YouPlay!

We've taken the PuzzlePlayer and transformed it into a fantastic space for games, community, prizes and fun!
As the editor of YouPlay, I'm really excited about getting to know you all. This blog is a place where we can talk together, and I encourage everyone to post comments about the site as we implement more exciting features. What do you think of the new design? What kinds of games would you like to see?

As you tour around YouPlay, be sure to join the Player's Lounge - a special club for interactive entertainment. Meet your friends and chat in the Player's Forum, write a letter to the Mailbag, read the latest News and Announcements and stay up to date with future events.

Of course the most important part of YouPlay is the puzzles!
That's why we've enlisted our very own technical specialist to discuss all the great new games and features that are coming soon. If you've ever wondered what's involved in creating your favourite puzzle, meet Doctor Play at his Games Blog to find out.

I'm also delighted to present our very own celebrity blogger, the Queen of Crosswords herself, Christine Lovatt. With over 25 years experience in compiling puzzles, Christine is a living fountain of knowledge. Best of all, she's willing to share! Introduce yourself at Christine's Blog and discuss fascinating facts about words, collect exclusive hints and tips, and lots more.

Discover YouPlay...and tell us what you think!

The Ed

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YouPlay Welcome

July 04, 2007 at 12:30 PM

Why is Sudoku listed under Number Puzzles? It is a logic puzzle and has nothing to do with numbers. It is true that numbers are the most common characters used but any symbols can be, and are, used in Sudoku puzzles.