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The 'bots are on the loose!


By Dr. Play

Look out YouPlayers, we've opened Trivia Combat for play and the YP 'bots are wreaking havoc! 

There's MagMan P.I., smoothly deflecting questions off his bushy mo and tight white shorts as Jessie's eyes boggle wildly at anything to do with geography. Or history. Or sport. Or, er... well most topics really [Cue disturbing gurgling sound from a crazed Jessie]. Avatar Chris and Andy appear slightly dazed (drunk?) while Miranda sails regally through her games cool as a cucumber... 

Have you met (and thrashed!) the YP 'bots in the pre-release version of Trivia Combat yet? We've allowed early access to this exciting new online trivia quiz game two weeks ahead of it's official release date.

Many thanks go out to all the members who participated in the beta-testing program, your support and feedback was integral in the development of this game. We're now encouraging all YouPlay members to play the game: help us chase out any remaining gremlins that want to join the party, provide your feedback and also suggest some last minute features! Our work on the pre-release version is continuing and we'll minimise any downtime.

So, tell us what you think about our newest addition. Note that nothing you see in the pre-release version is necessarily final: the official thread for release notes and known / fixed issues is in this blog post.

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Dr. Play


NOTE FROM JESSIE: Andy and I spent the weekend in Forbes on the Across & Down Under Tour with James and Christine Lovatt. Read Christine's blog and view photos of the trip here

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The 'bots are on the loose!

Xrosie said:
December 25, 2009 at 7:45 AM

I enjoy playing Trivial Pursuit, any one will do. Love the game even though I can't spend too long on the comp. The bots gave me a chance to be challenged. Ta