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Members list, winning chances, avatar


By Dr. Play

Hi everyone,

A few changes today! I've corrected an issue with the Lounge > Members List search feature, whereby country selections would erroneously be considered as the desired username.

We've also rolled out our newly updated "winning chances" box for Premium Members. Your profile page will now tell you in detail how many current entries you have for the daily, monthly and weekly cash draws. Use the cash clocks on the home page to track the expiry of each draw.

Also, for Guest users and other members who have not selected an avatar design, there has been an issue with the game completed and profile pages whereby the "default" avatar is shown instead of the anonymous grey character. This is being corrected by replacing the animated avatar viewer with the older static alternative.

Best regards,

Dr. Play

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Members list, winning chances, avatar

quingi said:
December 17, 2008 at 10:57 AM

i keep getting default avatar, so as yet been unable to enter comp