Trivia Teaser

Which two teams met in the world's first international football fixture?

England and Ireland
England and Scotland
Italy and Spain
England and Germany

Give us a clue!


By Christine Lovatt

Every month in our Lovatts BIG Crosswords magazine Crossed Wires column we will be featuring a word, or series of words, and encouraging readers to get involved by submitting their clues for the chance to win a book prize.

Remember to keep clues short and accurate. Cryptic clues will be accepted however the prize will be awarded for the best straightforward clue submission. Entries will be featured on this page and winners announced in Crossed Wires.

To submit your clue, please reply to this blog in the white "Comments" box below or send your entry by regular mail to:
 P.O.Box 999, GOSFORD NSW 2250.






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Give us a clue!

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