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Trial Called Off


By Christine Lovatt

You readers have been telling us how addictive Sudoku is, and now there’s a news story to prove it.

A drug trial costing $1 million was aborted recently in the District Court in Sydney because members of the jury were playing Sudoku instead of paying attention to the case.

After 105 witnesses and three months of evidence, the case went into its second week when one of the accused men reported that he could see some of the jury were playing Sudoku.

The judge was forced to discharge the case after the jury forewoman admitted that she and four other jurors had been diverting themselves in the jury box by playing the popular numbers game.

The judge had previously commended the jury for its apparent diligence, little knowing that they were busy solving Sudoku when he thought they were focusing on the evidence.

He called on the NSW Sheriff's Office to update its guidelines to inform jurors that it was unacceptable to play games during a trial.

Maybe those jurors were determined not to miss out on their Sudoku fix or perhaps they were really bored with listening to 105 witnesses and wanted to distract themselves. Who knows?

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Trial Called Off

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