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Sudoku Strategies


By Christine Lovatt

Some of you logic lovers have found the recent Sudoku Combat to be a challenge. Everyone seems to have a different way of tackling Sudoku puzzles, but I’d like to share with you some useful strategies, which you may or may not use already.

One involves pairs. In a 3 x 3 box, imagine you have filled in the possibilities in each square, but are now stuck. Two of those squares have the same pair, eg 3 and 6. If these are the only numbers that go into these squares, then you can delete any other 3 and 6 possibilities in the other seven squares.

It’s the same with three squares in a box that can only use a maximum of three numbers, eg 1,2/2,5/1,2,5. As these numbers are the only ones that can go into these squares, you can delete them from the other six squares in the box.

The same principle applies if those pairs or triples are in the same row – you can delete those numbers from the rest of the row. The strategy can apply to four or even five boxes – as long as only five numbers are limited to five squares in a box or row.

We don’t want you puzzlers becoming complacent! We’d love to hear how other readers are finding it. Write and tell us if the Sudoku puzzles are too hard or too easy and if you’d like to hear about further solving strategies in the future. If we get an even number of both, we’ll know we’ve got the level about right.



2 Responses to

Sudoku Strategies

June 18, 2008 at 5:41 PM


I think this is a nice idea, but more graphics could make this article more understandable. I also believe that Evil level should be more difficult because 90% of the these puzzles can be solved by only one advanced technique( X wing)when there are so many other techniques that could be used. Thanks anyway


MIZONE said:
June 21, 2008 at 12:21 PM


Thank you for those helpful comments - I will try them out.