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Friday the 13th


By Christine Lovatt

Is Friday the 13th an unlucky day for you? Do you ever wonder why it’s considered unlucky to walk under a ladder? Apart from being concussed by a falling paint tin, there’s a superstition involved.

Superstitions are considered by many to be heathen but some have Christian origins. In this case, it goes back to the day of the Crucifixion, when the devil was said to have stood under the ladder as the Roman soldiers took it down. The universal exemption from all troubles when you ‘touch wood’ referred originally to the wood of the Cross. There’s also the legend of the wren and the robin. Apparently, the wren is supposed to have told Christ’s enemies which direction they could find him, while the robin used its breast feathers to wipe up the blood from Christ’s feet – hence the red breast.

And medieval folklore held that Satan’s favourite disguise was a black cat, hence the bad luck associated with black cats.

Friday the Thirteenth, or Black Friday as it’s sometimes known, is said to be the unluckiest day in the calendar. Thirteen has been an unlucky number ever since the Last Supper, where Christ and his twelve apostles added up to thirteen. Friday was the day Christ died, and is for Catholics, a day of abstinence from eating meat.

So be careful out there, on Friday 13th June. Keep a pinch of salt in your pocket and avoid breaking a mirror. Don’t cross knives, put shoes on the table or open an umbrella indoors.

And have a lucky Friday!




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Friday the 13th

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