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Blog Schmog!


By Christine Lovatt

Blog Schmog. The Yiddish language is a mixture of German, Hebrew, Aramaic and several Slavic languages and is spoken by Jewish people living in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Yiddish words have been introduced to the English-speaking world mainly through Jewish entertainers.

Oy vey is an abbreviation of ‘ov vey iz mir’, an exclamation of dismay similar to ‘oh no!’.

Rhyming any word with a ‘schm’ start is an endearing Yiddish habit that has caught on, like ‘puzzle schmuzzle’.

Can you match these Yiddish words with their correct meanings?


1. Schtum                  a.  nose

2. Shyster                  b. excessive sentimentality

3. Schlep                   c.  state of chaos

4. Schtook                 d.  silent

5. Schnozz                 e.  foolish person

6. Schmaltz                f.  unscrupulous lawyer

7. Schmuck                g.  haul with difficulty

8. Schemozzle           h.  trouble





Answers to Oy Vey!

1d, 2f, 3g, 4h, 5a, 6b, 7e, 8c.


1 Response to

Blog Schmog!

Ceedub said:
April 24, 2008 at 6:31 PM


It is very interesting how these words have become a part of our everyday language. After having watched a couple of episodes of "The Nanny" I schleped up the street to the shops. I didn't stay long because it was so crowded it was a real schermozzle and I would have been a real schmuck to stay! Love your blog!