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By Christine Lovatt

What a bloke that Will Shakespeare was! Now you might think because he wrote his plays hundreds of years ago that it’s all old hat, but the reason they are still popular today is because he wrote so well about human nature that we can relate to them today. The people in those Elizabethan days led a different life but overall our problems are similar – jealousy, ambition, unrequited love, etc.

Not only did he write good plots, but he also had more of an effect on the English language than any other writer.  At the time he was writing, the English vocabulary was expanding and he himself contributed hundreds of new words that we still use nowadays.

Of the words listed below, can you guess which words he did NOT invent?

Luggage, film, advertising, gossip, stealthy, elbow, label, generous,  glow, bet, dawn, unreal, hurry, jig, amazement, lonely, rival,  numb, swagger, manager, bandit, design

The answer is he invented them all. He also invented many expressions which we still use, such as vanished into thin air, in one fell swoop, or without rhyme or reason.    

Unfortunately for the English language, Shakespeare died in 1616, thus depriving us of many more contributions. However, in the London in which he lived, diseases such as plague, syphilis, scurvy, tuberculosis could have carried him off at any time. The life expectancy at that time was 35! So he did well to get to the ripe old age of 52.


Happy puzzling!



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