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Mardi Gras


By Christine Lovatt

This week, on the 5th February, is the festival of Mardi Gras which is French for ‘Fat Tuesday. It’s been a special day of feasting for hundreds of years because it’s the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the austere fasting season of Lent. (For Christians, Lent is the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert without anything to eat or drink. )

In former days when most people fasted, Fat Tuesday was the last day you would be eating eggs or meat for 40 days. You had to use up all your remaining food such as sugar and cooking fat, which was often made into pancakes, which is why it’s also known as Pancake Tuesday. In Britain on this day, pancake races are held, where women dressed in aprons and headscarves, must race while tossing a pancake in a frying pan.

Another name for this day is Shrove Tuesday, which gets its name from the shriving (confession) that Anglo-Saxon Christians were expected to receive immediately before Lent.

In many countries the tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras still takes place, despite the fact that the fasting for Lent is not so popular.

The word carnival is derived from the Latin carni, which means flesh, and vale, which means farewell, so it’s the last chance to eat meat until Easter Sunday.


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Mardi Gras

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