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Keep it Simple


By Christine Lovatt

Did you know that if you embrace the magnetic synergies that interface in an impactful way, you could unleash innovative paradigms that will incentivise end-to-end infomediaries? Well I didn’t – but I looked up jargon in the dictionary. One definition said language characterised by pretentious syntax, vocabulary or meaning. The other definition is gibberish. Either of these could apply to the paragraph above.

This is the jargon of the hotshot spin doctors of the business world. Marketing cliches and buzzwords are strung together to make ugly and often meaningless phrases.

Jargon is also defined as the specialised vocabulary of a profession or culture. Professional jargon has always been with us. The legal system has never opted for a simple word where a tortuous phrase will do, with good reason. We might opt to defend ourselves in court if we could understand what they were talking about, thus depriving lawyers of jobs.

A police spokesman reports that the juvenile male fled on foot, though in conversation he might be more likely to say the young man ran away.  Instead of a motorist was apprehended, why not simply say a driver was arrested?

The medical world has become more aware of the need to keep explanations simple. Compare the aetiology of myocardial infarction is multifactorial, which sounds very erudite, with the meaning there are many reasons why people have heart attacks. When told you’re  suffering from hallux valgus, borborygmy and strabismus, you’ll be relieved to know it’s only bunions, rumbling tummy and a squint.

Keeping it simple is the golden rule. Descriptive language is fine but an overblown style sends the reader or listener to sleep. In the words of George Eliot  “the finest language is mostly made up of simple unimposing words.” 
Ah for the days when an interdepartmental transport operative used to be a simple lift operator!

Felicitous enigma-centric interfacing!




1 Response to

Keep it Simple

October 08, 2007 at 11:38 AM


You had me laughing so hard, I just had to write. But I had to wait a few moments before I was in any condition to write. Yes, I often wondered why people use complex words where simple do the same job. And, like you said to us, happy puzzling.