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By Christine Lovatt

Our YouPlay Quiz Time is becoming so popular that it makes me wonder what it is about trivia, or general knowledge, that fascinates and attracts.

Everyone possesses general knowledge, the facts that are casually picked up and (hopefully) remembered. It’s not a subject at school and there isn’t a General Knowledge book that contains all the facts – although a good up-to-date encyclopedia will have many of the answers. In a way, it’s a mixture of all the school subjects plus the latest news bulletins, showbiz and sports news, as well as those quirky social facts that your teacher didn’t tell you.

So how do you improve on your general knowledge, or teach your kids to do the same? At school you might study hard in your chosen field, and pass difficult exams but this doesn’t equip you for the broader sort of knowledge you need when you join the real world – or the local Trivia Team.

To find the answer, you have to think about how you know the facts you DO know. When you impress the family by calling out the answer to a tricky question when playing a quiz game, “Wow, Mum - how did you know that?” – ask yourself, did I read it somewhere?

Chances are you did. Reading, whether it’s books, newspapers, magazines – even crossword books (good ones of course!) – is an excellent way to gather information. Or maybe you learned it while listening to or joining in a quiz game.

Registering new facts, storing them in the memory and then retrieving them sounds like hard work but it’s actually fun – which is why quizzes are so popular. Radio, TV and even the local pub regularly run trivia quizzes.  All the family can join in, as each generation has different knowledge to contribute. It’s when you stop challenging your memory that the cobwebs grow over it, so put your thinking caps on and have fun!


Happy quizzing!



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Quiz Trivia Fun

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