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Hens, Stagettes and Queen Bees


By Christine Lovatt

Reading a Canadian article recently, I noticed that Canadian women don’t go on hens’ nights now – they have stagette nights.

Yes, in Canada, a stagette night is the bride's pre-nuptial party with her female friends.

It's easy to imagine who came up with the names stag night and hens' night - yes, men! Stags have a noble image, whereas hens squawk a lot and are not particularly attractive as mascots or avatars. So Canadian women have reclaimed the night.

And let's face it, after a few crates of alcohol, neither men nor women appear very noble. I guess doe night doesn't have a great impact.

In fact, why is it that the female of the species has become such an insult? Calling a woman a bitch or a cow is so much worse than calling a man a dog or a bull.

Tigress might convey the wrong image –  defined in the dictionary as ‘a fierce and passionate woman’.  But stagette is not really a word, just a feminised form of a male word.

Do we women really think of ourselves as hens? Men have all the good names – stags, bucks, stallions. But the best I can come up with is a Queen Bee Night!

What do our YouPlay puzzlers think? I challenge you to come up with a good name for a Girls’ Night Out that could catch on.

Happy Puzzling!


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Hens, Stagettes and Queen Bees

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