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Collins Dictionary New Words


By Christine Lovatt

What do celebutantes, leaf peepers and hoodies have in common? They’re all new words added to the ninth edition of the Collins English dictionary, published this week.

Celebutantes are young women from wealthy backgrounds who are famous without having any particular talents. Leaf peepers are tourists who visit colder climates to admire the autumn colours and hoodies are youths wearing hooded tops, regarded suspiciously.

Other additions are muffin top, the roll of fat that hangs over the top of skirts or waistbands, exergaming, the playing of video games that require strenuous physical exercise and man flu, a common cold exaggerated by males for extra sympathy!

Millions of new words are born every year but only a few hundred make it into the dictionary. The words may go out of fashion or become obsolete, so dictionary makers carefully weigh up the relevance of new vocabulary before committing them to print.

My favourite new word? Brainfood, defined as substances believed to improve the intellect. Not just eating the right food, it could also be playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, solving crosswords or sudoku puzzles, playing chess and…playing games on YouPlay, of course!

Happy puzzling!

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Collins Dictionary New Words

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