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Flags is a fun, entertaining and educational place to play free, high quality puzzles online, chat to friends, read blogs, create an avatar and lots more! We have many games and puzzles to choose from, in these categories: Action Puzzles, Number Games (including Online Sudoku), Free Crossword Puzzles, Word Games, Online Trivia, Memory Games and more.

YouPlay members can choose to build up points to achieve a ranking on the game Leader Boards or simply take their time playing games and puzzles for relaxation and enjoyment.

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YouPlay is provided by Lovatts Interactive Pty Ltd, a member of the Lovatts Media Group. Lovatts created YouPlay to provide an online games & puzzles website that is friendly, safe, and fun.


About Lovatts Media Group

Lovatts Media Group is the Australasian market leader in
puzzle publishing with headquarters in Australia. Lovatts also has branches in New Zealand and the UK.

Lovatts Publications

Established for 30 years, Lovatts syndicate puzzles around the world to major print media
and digital outlets, and is renowned for a unique, superior product.

Lovatts magazines provide much more than just a collection of puzzles. Popular editorials by Christine Lovatt, contributions from readers, news, competitions and prizes have created a strong community of readers who recognise the Lovatts brand as being synonymous with quality recreation.

Lovatts proudly support humanitarian and social organisations including the Red Cross,
Life. Be In It, World Vision, MS Readathon and a variety of other charities.

With 21 puzzle publications to choose from, Lovatts offers something for everyone!


Lovatts Media Group

Publishers - James & Christine Lovatt

Marketing Director - Colleen Gilbey

YouPlay Pty Ltd

Online Manager - Andrew Drane


About Our Partners

PopCap games


YouPlay has joined forces with PopCap® as an authorised reseller of PopCap® games including flagship titles Bejeweled™ and Chuzzle™.

The PopCap® brand is synonymous with fun, high-quality casual games that can be played by downloading onto your personal computer, online through your web browser or, in some cases, on your mobile phone, PDA, console or other standalone device.