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Due to a change in ownership of PopCap Games, the license for these products has been withdrawn. We can therefore no longer feature these games on Youplay.com. The good news is that our YouPlay developers are very busy creating new games to add to our current in-house crosswords and puzzles, so watch this space for some exciting challenges ahead!

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What is the name of the housing complex where the 'Jetsons' live?

The Spacely Towers
The Thunderbird
The Skypad Apartments
The Galaxy Pad

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Word of the day smote

by Christine Lovatt

"Tushar Imran smote him for three lofted boundaries..." A lovely ancient word, this, reeking of Old Testament violence. It's the past tense of 'smite', to inflict a heavy blow on, with hand, tool or weapon. In this case it was with a bat in Australia's worst ever defeat at the hands of the Bangladeshis

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

BLURB, a novel's testimonial on the dust jacket, perhaps comes from a novelist who provided the picture of a buxom blonde for his cover and called her Miss Blinda Blurb