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Due to a change in ownership of PopCap Games, the license for these products has been withdrawn. We can therefore no longer feature these games on Youplay.com. The good news is that our YouPlay developers are very busy creating new games to add to our current in-house crosswords and puzzles, so watch this space for some exciting challenges ahead!

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Word of the day skin

by Christine Lovatt

Apart from all the long-known meanings of skin, the computer term means a customised user graphic interface for an operating system - in other words, the outer appearance of a website or software. A basic operational system can appear quite different by applying a new skin. This skinning process is done either to make the look more pleasing or to make it easier to use.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

TIT FOR TAT started life as 'tip for tap' which certainly makes more sense as a retaliation