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What does the name 'Buddha' actually mean?

Heavenly place
Awakened one
Middle eye
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I wandered lonely as a cloud...

Noctilucent. What a delicious word. It describes those high-altitude clouds which catch the rays of the setting sun... read more

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Word of the day boatel and floatel

by Christine Lovatt

"And if you're keen on water, you can even stay in a boatel or a floatel..."

A boatel can either be a waterside hotel or a ship moored permanently at a wharf, that's used as a hotel. A floatel, on the other hand, is a floating hotel - ie. it doesn't just stay moored in one spot, it moves, usually up and down a river, for a change of scenery.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

The Chinese ideogram for TROUBLE symbolises two women living under one roof