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And so from names of colours to that activity for slow Friday afternoons in primary school - yes, taking out the coloured pencils and zoning out while colouring in. I have to admit... read more

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Word of the day soi-disant

by Christine Lovatt

 "... soi-disant party host has invented a gadget..." Soi-disant is really a fancy French way of saying 'so-called', in other words a questionable claim. It is usually used before 'expert' or 'friend' and certainly implies that the claim is a little exaggerated. Soi-disant comes from the French soi 'oneself' and disant 'saying' present participle of dire, 'to say.' It is pronounced 'swah-dee-song'.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Because the drink PUNCH was traditionally made from five ingredients, it gets its name from the Hindi word 'paanch', meaning five