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When the Australian National Dictionary Centre announced its word of the year, the winner was, drumroll, SHIRTFRONT, a word dragged from the relative obscurity of Australian Foot... read more

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Word of the day gallimaufry

by Christine Lovatt

"...a gallimaufry of Home Counties treats, averaging £15 a main course..."

What a cool word! A gallimaufry is a hotchpotch or an absurd medley, and although it can apply to just about anything, it's appropriate that the above quote comes from a restaurant review, because its original meaning is a hash of various kinds of meats, or a ragout. It comes from Old French galer 'to make merry' + mafrer 'to eat much' from the Dutch maffelen 'to open one's mouth wide'. This word is not used often enough - please try to bring it into your conversation today.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Since they are such common items in our lives, it's strange that words such as TABLE, WINDOW, DOOR and WALL have no accurate synonyms

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