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'When you're weary, feeling small' is the first line of WHICH 1970 hit?

"The Tears Of A Clown"
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
"My Sweet Lord"
"Let It Be"
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Oh well, that one's been in for a while, but OxfordDictionaries.com has recently added YOLO and ICYMI to the canon... read more

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Word of the day plangent

by Christine Lovatt

"For amidst the plangent guitar chimes a lone church organ can hauntingly be made out."

Plangent means loud and resonant with a mournful tone. It comes from the Latin for 'lamenting' and is usually used with reference to music, although some pesky crow that wakes me every morning at 5am comes to mind.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Not just a Swedish group, 'Abba' is a Syriac word meaning 'father', leading to the word ABBOT

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