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If you were a child of the 50s, when the Cold War was in full flight, the idea of vaporising meant only a reference to the nuclear threat. Fortunately... read more

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Word of the day ecofreak

by Christine Lovatt

"It may be that the ecofreaks are the ones that will save the world..."

Words such as ecofreak, ecocide, ecolodge and eco-friendly have sprung up over the last few years in answer to the ecological concerns for the environment. 'Eco' comes from the Greek oikos 'house' and refers to our physical surroundings. This influx of eco-words is known as the "greenwashing" of the English lexicon. An ecofreak is a person who is unusually keen about the preservation of the environment

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Getting three wickets from three balls used to result in the bowler being awarded a hat by his club. Hence HAT TRICK

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