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Due to a change in ownership of PopCap Games, the license for these products has been withdrawn. We can therefore no longer feature these games on Youplay.com. The good news is that our YouPlay developers are very busy creating new games to add to our current in-house crosswords and puzzles, so watch this space for some exciting challenges ahead!

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Naidangiin Tuvshinbayar won his country's first ever Olympic gold medal in Beijing. WHICH country?

New Zealand

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Word of the day tri-media

by Christine Lovatt

"With radio, television and internet, the BBC now describes itself as a tri-media service..." I'm sure you can guess what tri-media means, but it's an example of what is happening to our language. As well as brand new words cropping up, familiar words are being prefixed or suffixed to keep up with the changing world. 

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Flight recorders BLACK BOXES are usually orange in colour but derive their name from wartime aircraft radar gun sights